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Sliding Closet Doors

One of the most efficient ways to close up a closet is with sliding closet doors. These come in several different styles including louvered, glass, mirrored and bypass styles. These are the most simple of all closet doors and give a contemporary look to any room.

The sleekness of these doors saves room in your home because you don’t need room to open up a swing door. They can be installed as bypass doors where one passes behind the other or over top of the other. They use a wider track than a normal door but are much more modern in appearance.

If you are looking to make your room look larger, then you will want to install mirrored sliding closet doors. Regardless of the dimensions of the room, mirrored doors can make it appear larger with a contemporary look.

They also help you look your best before going out in public and can be a great help in the bathroom. They can help brighten the room if the room doesn’t have enough light because they are a reflective surface. Reflective surfaces tend to enhance the ambient light.

Some sliding closet doors are louvered.
This is great for venting areas such as a linen closet, shoe closet and pantry. The prices of louvered doors are cheaper than glass or mirrored closet doors. They are usually made of wood but can be found in metal and polymer plastics. Louvered panels are a popular design for interior and exterior shutters as well but louvered closet doors allows your closet to be a part of the room yet separate. They are great for dressing closets too and are generally very lightweight. They can be painted or you can purchase them unfinished and paint them to match any décor.

Most sliding closet doors are not lockable.
This is because there is no turning knob or hardware to keep the doors closed. Instead they ride on a track that is attached to the top of the door way. Because your door way is level, the doors only operate when you physically move them. Although they are not lockable, you can place a stop behind the doors making it harder for anyone to open them. You may be able to find a dual stop that will prevent them from being opened from any direction. Before you purchase your sliding closet doors you should consider where the doors will be used and make a few decisions.

Decide what your budget is because prices vary greatly on these doors. Visit several local retailers to see what they have in stock before making your decision. Many will have a nice supply of glass, louvered, mirrored and framed sliding closet doors. Decide of whether you want contemporary style or modern. Both will go with just about any décor but they do differ slightly in price.

Finally before visiting your local retailers one last time, make sure you have to exact dimensions of the door way you will be using the sliding closet doors on.

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