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Louvered Closet Doors

Louvered closet doors allow your closets to breathe while keeping your closet separate from the rest of your room. These doors come in bifold, multifold or single doors to fit almost any door in your home. These doors are quickly becoming one of the most popular styles of closet doors to have because of their contemporary look and the fact that they can be purchased in bypass, accordion and sliding style. Their prices will vary greatly depending on whether you have them custom made to fit the exact dimensions you need or you purchase a set that is unfinished and plan to paint them yourself.

Louvered closet doors add an elegant charm to a room

Since they can be purchased in a wide variety of styles and materials, they are perfect for almost any room in your home. A polymer door is a form of plastic and is usually blended with wood fiber and has a steel frame. Many louvered closet doors are made from polymer because they are easy to maintain and generally lighter in weight than solid woods. They have a contemporary design and are made for both interior and exterior use.

If you prefer a natural look to a cold metal look, you can purchase unfinished modern louvered closet doors and varnish them or paint them any color to go with any decor. Or perhaps you like mirrored doors instead. Mirrored doors are great for the bathroom or bedroom closet because they help you to ensure you look your best when leaving your home. Some retailers have a large selection of louvered closet doors including retractable closet doors. Retractable doors are doors that will retract into a wall or fold neatly against a wall. Another style of contemporary closet door is the accordion door.

The bypass door slides one behind another in a pocket in a wall. These are very useful for partitioning off a dining room from a living room or eat in kitchen. Retailers can help you with the details of the bypass door as well as with retractable doors but they are excellent for the interior of your home. There are a number of contemporary designs to choose from and the prices vary greatly. If you are installing bypass doors or retractable doors, you may want to consult a contractor to see what the job entails before beginning. You may decide to go with a multifold or bifold door instead.

For a more modern look to your home, try custom made louvered closet doors.

These are made specifically to the dimensions of your closet and to your specifications as far as materials and details. Before you begin your project, go online and check out the various retailers that offer you a large variety of bifold, multifold, bypass, retractable and accordion style louvered closet doors. In some instances you can purchase your doors online and save on shipping plus get a discount on the doors. Whether you purchase your doors from a local retailer or online, you won’t be sorry you switched to louvered closet doors.

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