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French Closet Doors

Some of the most beautiful closet doors are French closet doors. French closet doors are doors that have many panes of either glass or wood. They may contain mirrored panels, glass or wood but they generally have at least eight panes.

The most common for French closet doors are wood panes.

These are also used in some instances as entrance way doors. These doors give a contemporary look to your home with the only detail being the panes themselves. You can purchase these doors in bifold, folding or sliding models to go with any decor.

Before you go to purchase your French closet doors you should take note of a few things. The most important note to make is the exact dimensions of the doorway your door will be placed. Since a lot of closet doorways are a standard size, you must make sure your dimensions are exact. Older homes may have smaller doorways than modern styled homes. Some of the modern homes have large walk in closets and that provides you with a much larger doorway that can make double French closet doors a perfect match. These can be purchased as sliding or bifold French doors.

Closets are not the only place that French doors are used. Many French doors are used to divide rooms in a home like a den or dining room. In these cases the perfect doors may be ReliaBilt

60″ 10-Lite Wood Reversible Hand Interior Double Pre-hung Door No Casing. They can be found at and measure 1-3″ thick. They are unfinished so you can paint them or stain them any color you choose. The model number of these doors is 30151023948 and costs $338.00 which is competitive with other models of this style.

Similar doors are the Masonite Pine French Double Door Clear Flat Jamb Pre-hung doors are found at and costs $338.00. They are 60 x 80 x 1-3/8 In. and require a flat jamb. The model number is 130126, contains tempered safety glass and can be stained or painted to match your decor. These are the perfect doors to help give your home a contemporary look and a sleek style all its own. They are not closet doors but with the right size walk in closet, they could be used as French closet doors. Most French doors have a style that is all their own and can be altered with features such as mirrored panels or even frosted glass.

Prices of French closet doors vary greatly depending on the size, style, retailers and materials.

The cheapest are the folding style doors with wood panels. These doors can be found at almost any local home building supply store or online at various retailers. Remember to get the exact dimensions of you doorway so you are sure to get a perfect fit. You may also want to consider having your French closet doors custom made. Of course the prices for custom made doors are higher than pre-hung doors from a building supply store so choose your french closet doors carefully.

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