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Bifold Closet Doors

Using bifold closet doors can save you not only room but money as well. They are generally cheaper than other doors and can be used to enclose a walk in closet as well as separate rooms. Depending on what you are looking for they can be louvered, accordion, have glass panels or be designed from different types of wood. You can even have your bifold closet doors custom made to the dimensions you need or have locks installed on them. They can give your room a contemporary look without spending a lot of money to do it and help you separate your walk in closet from your bedroom.

Installing bifold closet doors is fairly easy for the handy man.

Each set is generally sold with the hardware to install them such as the track that the upper rollers ride in, door knobs and rollers. You simply install the track, place the roller assemblies on the doors and pop the rollers into the track. These are fully adjustable so you can adjust the space between the closet doors when they close as well as adjust the height of them. If you have them custom made, chances are they will even install them for you. These are sometimes called accordion doors too.

The wood that these doors can be made from is pine, mahogany, oak or just about any wood that is a softer, lightweight wood. Glass bifold closet doors are best used to enclose a small area such as a linen closet or a pantry but can be used for closet doors as well. The wood and glass bifold closet doors brings a modern look to your room and is they have no great detail to them can give your room a contemporary look as well. Mirrored bifold closet doors are great for the bathroom or bedroom because they help ensuring you look your best.

Most all bifold closet doors should only be used on the interior of the home.

This is because they rarely contain locks and may not keep unwanted visitors out of your home. They can be used in an attached garage to enclose a furnace and water heater room but those should always be louvered bifold closet doors to allow fumes to escape. These contemporary closet doors should be metal and not made out of fine woods such as mahogany or pine. It is best to get the dimensions of your furnace and water heater room before settling on a set of these accordion closet doors.

These modern interior bifold closet doors can be found at various retailers around the country.

Prices will vary depending on the amenities you select such as mirrored, louvered, plain or glass windows. Some retailers will even custom make your interior bifold closet doors. The prices on the custom doors will be higher than store bought doors. The adjustable range of these doors will also vary but you can take an old door down and bring your room back to the modern age of the 21st Century.

Invest in bifold closet doors today!

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